L'art le plus complet est celui de construire.

Paul Valéry.
Be well informed about the technical state of your future home.

Visual inspection

MaisonEconfort offer pre-purchase property surveys. We visit the property you want to buy with you and together we complete a visual inspection.

The purpose of the survey is to establish the general condition of the property and identify possible defects. We also establish to what extent the house meets the current safety requirements and what it will cost to deal with any defects found and bring the property up to current standards. We can also give you advice on maintaining of the property and we will answer any questions you may have as fully as possible.

Buy with confidence

MaisonEconfort consultants are construction specialists with years of experience, fully aware of local building methods - which can sometimes be very different from those that you are accustomed to. By using our services before buying a house, you will be able fine tune the offer you make and you won’t have worry that there might be nasty surprises to come. When you want to improve or renovate the house, after you have bought it, MaisonEconfort will be familiar with the property and the best people to help you


A comprehensive property survey usually takes about 2 hours and costs 250 Euros including VAT. For large or complex properties, we charge 60 Euros, including VAT for each additional hour. Within a radius of 50 kilometres of Monflanquin we don’t charge travel expenses. If we need to travel further we may charge travel expenses but this would be by mutual agreement with you.

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If you decide to use maisonEconfort to complete any work identified by the survey, the survey cost will be refunded within the completion of the work.

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