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Paul Valéry.
Reduce your energy bill and improve the comfort of your home.

Why ?

For many home owners the energy cost is, after the mortgage, the biggest monthly expense. Making your home more energy efficient can substantially reduce energy costs, improve your comfort and of course contribute to a cleaner environment.


An Energy assessment performed by maisonEconfort is a good first step towards developing an action plan.  We make a thorough analysis of the existing insulation levels of the property including the current heating, glazing and ventilation.


Then, with you, we examine the various options for energy reduction and the possible solutions for technical problems. The cost of these solutions will take into account the cost savings that can be made in order to calculate the payback time. We will also advise you about government-backed subsidies and tax benefits and of course we will answer all your questions. Then, taking into account your wishes and your budget we design bespoke energy saving solutions.

Finance and completion of the work

In the follow-up you will not be on your own. We will assist you in applying for subsidies (and loans if required) and can take care of the project from planning to completion.


A 2 hours energy assessment costs 250 Euros (VAT included). For large or complex properties, we charge 60 Euros (VAT included) for each additional hour. Within a radius of 50 kilometres of Monflanquin we don’t charge travel expenses. If we need to travel further we may charge travel expenses but this would be by mutual agreement with you.

Special promotion!

If you decide to use maisonEconfort to complete any energy efficiency work the survey cost will be refunded within the completion of the work.

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